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10-Oct-2012 Prospero World Supports CENTEX

When CENTEX started in 1998, a number of donors - individual and corporate - expressed their desire to contribute to the cause of uplifting the quality of education. Through the years, the number has grown, and now Prospero World Foundation, a philanthropy group based in Britain, has been added to the list.

Last March, Prospero World spearheaded a fashion show that showcased the designs of the Philippines' best and brightest fashion innovators for the benefit of CENTEX. The charity event helped raise funds for CENTEX to continue its mission of providing quality education for underprivileged children. At present, a total of 968 students directly benefit from this assistance.

To enrich the learning experiences of the students, enrichment activities are scheduled throughout the year. Nature and cultural walks, museum trips, and leadership camps are among these offerings. This semester's trips included tours and discussions at The Mind Museum, The Ayala Museum, NUVALI Evoliving Park, Bioresearch, and Intramuros sites. The trips were also made possible by additional support from Ayala Land and Children's Hour.

The assistance also strengthens the CENTEX teacher-training program for 90 teachers from CENTEX Manila and Batangas, Food for Hungry Minds School and Buklod Bahayan Daycare Center was held at the Lima Park Hotel in Malvar Batanags. This year's sessions were about developing critical thinking and values education. Dr. Zosimo Lee and Mr. Lumberto Mendoza, professors of Philosophy at the University of the Philippines, engaged the participants in small group discussions following the Philosophy for Children method.

On the last day of the teacher training, the core values of Commitment and Ptriotism were discussed by Dr. Ronnie Motilla of Miriam College.

The Prospero World fund also supported our drive toward developing critical thinking through workshops on: Classroom Management by Harry and Rosemary Wong )attended by selected teachers along with thousands more at the SMX Convention Center), The Art of Questioning by Vanessa Mazullo, and Brain-based Education by John Joseph.

For the third year in a row, France-based Maria Victoria Lagoutte shared her expertise with sessions on literacy coaching to develop mentoring skills of the CENTEX staff.

Prospero World's support allowed CENTEX not only to provide its students with additional books and school supplies, but also with transportation allowance and food.

These training programs, coupled with the provision of educational materials, food and transportation allowance, helped CENTEX students become more actively engaged in their education. Storybooks in English and Filipino strengthen the literature-based approach advocated in language arts classes. Books written by Filipino authors like Virgilio Almario, Rene Villanueva among others, and those by foreign writers supplement the instructional materials.

Corporate donors, non-profit organizations like Prospero World Foundation, private sponsors and volunteers continue to partner with CENTEX to ensure that students continue to receive quality education. Our aspiration is to replicate the CENTEX concept and put it in operation elsewhere in the country, so that more children from marginalized families will have more opportunities to access quality education and join the pool og globally competitive workers and future leaders of the Philippines

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