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Bridging Worlds: Leadership in Action 28-Mar-2012 Bridging Worlds: Leadership in Action

Margo, Jenny and Holly, CENTEX volunteers, are high school juniors in Singapore. After conducting class and outdoor activities for grade five students, they also volunteered in the school cafeteria serving snacks and lunch to the students. Their volunteer work culminated with a mural painting activity.


The spirit of servant leadership was alive at CENTEX Batangas with the week-long volunteer activities facilitated by Margaret Cody, Jenny Huzell and Holly Henderson from the United World College at South East Asia in Singapore. The volunteers engaged thegrade five students in role-playing, games and story telling to emphasize leadership values. The volunteer work is aligned with their school’s thrust of providing opportunities for developing and sharing rich cultural perspectives.


Prospero World, a British philanthropy group, spearheaded a fashion show that showcased the designs of the Philippines’ best and brightest fashion innovators. Held at the Victoria House in London, the exhibit and fashion show presented the collections of Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz, Michael Cinco, Lulu Tan-Gan, Mich Dulce, Celestina, Wynn Wynn Ong, Jun Escario, Josie Natori, Cary Santiago with London-based designers Lesley Mobo and Jasper Garvida. The charity event helped raise funds for Ayala Foundation to allow CENTEX continue its mission of providing the gift of quality education to underprivileged children.

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