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JPMorgan Chase & Co. CENTEX Teacher Training Program 25-May-2011 JPMorgan Chase & Co. CENTEX Teacher Training Program

CENTEX held a "teacher-training institute" on May 25 to 27 in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC)

This teacher-training program is part of CENTEX's mission to share and disseminate "best teacher practices and classroom technologies." JPMC's participation in the project was in line with the company's employee volunteerism program.

Serving as the resource speaker at the training program was Lirio Ongpin-Mapa, vice-president of the Center for Leadership and Change. One of the things she stressed with the teachers participating in the training program was the importance of making values integration a part of their teaching. The teachers, in turn, shared their realizations with the rest of the group, especially with regard to how they could share their personal values with their students.

JPMC is one of the key supporters of CENTEX's various programs. It made a donation of 2.6 million pesos, which was used to fund the following projects: A Class of Your Own, a sponsorship program for Grade 6 classes in CENTEX Manila; the sports and music enhancement program for CENTEX students; and teacher training for CENTEX and other public school teachers.

Among those who helped make the JPMC and CENTEX partnership a success were Robert Panlilio, JPMC senior country officer, and Patricia Anne Javier-Gutierrez, head for JPMC corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.

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