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  Vision, Mission, Values, and Philosophy


CENTEX shall pursue its vision to become a model public school learning environment where achievers and servant leaders are developed, and best teacher practices and classroom technologies are shared and disseminated through teacher training institutes.



CENTEX offers bright, economically-disadvantaged Filipino children a superior education through:

  • a CENTEX curriculum that emphasizes language arts, math, science, values, environment and being Filipino
  • the use of research-based teaching practices and technologies and updated facilities to deliver instruction effectively
  • a nurturing school climate that develops self-esteem and servant leadership, and respects the dignity of the individual
  • special support and benefits for students to ensure the continuity of learning
  • a broad partnership among school, family and community for the benefit of students

In doing so, we hope to:

  • graduate student achievers with a strong sense of servant leadership
  • expertise so that they may be models in instruction and train otherteachers in their craft
  • train parents to take a more active role in educating their children, thereby trengthening the home-school partnership
  • empower our students so that they become successful professionals and leaders, and thus improve their lives, their communities and ultimately, the nation.


Core Values

Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Patriotism

Integrity is adhering in word and deed to a high level of moral conduct, knowing and doing what is right, and being accountable for our actions.

Excellence is aiming high, and maximally developing and using our gifts and talents to serve others.

Commitment is choosing to fulfill all our responsibilities in whatever situation we find ourselves.

Patriotism is loving our country and committing ourselves to share in building our nation.


Philosophy and Objectives

We Believe -

  • That learning is inherent to all individuals and each is worthy and capable of achieving  
    and actualizing his/her fullest potential.
  • That learning occurs in an environment that is supportive and caring, where the individual is valued.
  • That the teaching/learning interaction is supported by curricular programs using a holistic approach

We aim -

  • To establish a challenging environment to motivate our students to recognize their
    potential and strive beyond their perceived limitations.
  • To avail of the expertise that exists in the field of education and to incorporate technology and the arts in implementing our programs.
  • To expose students to life situations and relevant learning experiences in order to equip
    them with the skills of problem solving, conflict management, values clarification, and cooperative endeavor

CENTEX shares with those involved in education the vision of a God-centered society committed to the total development of the Filipino child. CENTEX believes that:

  • Every Filipino child deserves to grow spiritually, academically, and socially;
  • Every Filipino child deserves the opportunity to gain mastery of the basic skills of Reading, Writing and Creative Writing, and Arithmetic;
  • Every Filipino child must be given experiences in the Arts and Sports;
  • Every Filipino child must experience his/her own worth within the local and global communities;
  • Every Filipino child born with leadership potential must be given every opportunity to want to be a leader and be equipped with the necessary leadership skills;
  • Every Filipino child needs to know, understand, and be proud of his/her heritage and relate his/her culture with the Filipino way of life;
  • Every Filipino child equipped with the mastery of basic skills be given the opportunity to apply these skills using all available technologies in cooperative programs, mini-business ventures, environmental awareness, and the experience of concerts, artistic performances and competitive sports;
  • The Filipino child must be educated to think critically, solve problems, build community, and render service within the school and the greater community.

The goal of CENTEX is to empower the Filipino child to develop into a total human being dedicated to the service of God and country, to care for others, and to nurture the environment through quality education provided by the Centers of Excellence in public schools nationwide.

CENTEX seeks to address the recovery of both gospel and Filipino values in order to produce wellrounded students who are trained moral and ethical Filipino leaders. CENTEX strives to produce graduates who are:

  • Equipped with fundamental skills
    • Our graduates will possess basic skills that will make them academically and Technologically prepared to face the challenges of the third millennium.

  • Critical thinkers
    • Our graduates will be motivated to become critical and analytical thinkers through process-oriented and investigative methodologies. Our graduates will be encouraged to ask, probe, examine, search, and explore all possibilities to create a holistic picture.

  • Servant-Leaders
    • Our graduates will be conscious of their roles as social catalysts – men and women who are not only academically excellent but also socially responsible, capable of making decisions based on the common good of the community they serve.

  • Nurturers of the Environment
    • Our graduates will have utmost respect for the physical and natural environment and assume a leadership role as stewards of planet earth.

  • Living examples of the gospel values
    • By their way of life and leadership roles, they will bring the Good News of God into the lives of the community members they serve.

  • Proud to be Filipino
    • They will be citizens able to respect traditions while keeping an open mind to new ideas and concepts that will enhance the culture and lives of the Filipino community.


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