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  History of CENTEX

The idea for a CENTEX was developed when Ayala Foundation, Inc. was hard put to find candidates for its scholarship program in technical and vocational education. Graduates from public high schools had to be coached and tutored to enable them to pass the qualifying examinations and to survive the two-year course. It was therefore evident that excellence in the elementary education level can address the lack of basic skill.

A recent study revealed the following information on the state of public elementary education in the Philippines:

  • Out of the 12.8 million children who are enrolled in the elementary level, 11.9 million or 93 % of them are in public schools
  • Out of 10 children, only 1 enjoy the privileges of private school education
  • Public schools lack around 16,000-20,000 classrooms
  • The current textbook ratio is 1 book : 7 students
  • 55 % of public schools have no electricity
  • 84 % have no water
  • 62 % have no toilets
  • Actual public school class is 60 students to 1 teacher
  • Out of every 100 Filipino school children, 66 will complete elementary education, 42 will complete high school and only 14 will earn a college degree.
Thus, CENTEX was born.

CENTEX mission, vision and goals are the basis and framework for its unique, and finely crafted curriculum. The Project Director with representatives from the Division of City Schools—Manila, and a team of volunteer educators from Assumption College and the International School, continually update and refine this curriculum to incorporate the latest educational trends and research.

Two schools have already been built:

The first CENTEX is located within the Gregorio del Pilar school compound in Tondo, Manila. Though within the purview of the Department of Education and the City Government of Manila, primary funding for this CENTEX comes from an endowment fund set up by corporate champion AYALA LAND, INC. and managed by AYALA FOUNDATION, INC. In October 2000, GLOBE TELECOM, INC. funded a second CENTEX in Batangas with the help of Pure Foods Corporation and the Provincial Government of Batangas.

CENTEX Manila graduated its first class of 71 students last March 29, 2005. For them, a partnership was forged with the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. The CHSM-CENTEX partnership, however, has been put on hold pending a research on the success and failure of CENTEX students.

On March 22, 2007, a new partnership was signed with the Sta. Isabel College in Taft Ave. for the CENTEX Manila graduates of 2005 to 2007. For the 1st class of graduates of CENTEX Batangas, another partnership was made with St. Bridget College, Alitagtag.

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